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right AwAy例句

right away 释义:immediately; without delay 立即;马上;毫不耽搁 双语造句:■I want it sent right away.马上把它发出去.■He wants to see you right away.他想立刻见你.■He was fantastically handsome - I just fell for him right away.他帅极了 - 我

You should right away go to school.

Can you come to my office right away? 你能够立刻就到我的办公室来吗?Right away, I realized I was wrong. 立刻,我意识到我错了.

right away 通常用于句尾 right away 英[rait wei]美[rat we] 就; 立刻,马上; 当时 例句: Why did you give the bottom line right away? 你怎么一下子就亮了底? With a lot of student loans to start paying off, I really have to be working

I am getting in touch with him right away.\x09我马上和他进行联系.He did not reply to her question right away.\x09他没有马上回答她的问题.I will be there right away.\x09我马上就到.

I am getting in touch with him right away. 我马上和他进行联系.He did not reply to her question right away. 他没有马上回答她的问题. I will be there right away. 我马上就到.

right away 英[rait wei] 美[rat we] [释义] 就; 立刻,马上; 当时; 例句; you gotta come right away!你得马上跟我来!辨析right away与right now :1、right away 立即、马上、即刻、毫不耽搁 ,主要用于美国英语,语气稍弱于at once

I'm doing my homework right now. I'll go home right away. right now用于现在正在什么什么,而right away用于将来马上什么什么

意思上没什么区别,可以说意思是一样的.主要的区别就是在用法上,一般说来at once只能用在一句话的末尾,而right away 既可以用在一句话的末尾,也可以在口语中单独使用.

1、right away 等于 without delay;at once2、常译为:毫不迟疑;马上;立即3、例 句:She says that dinner will be ready right away. 可以开饭了哈

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