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show up1. 领…上楼:例句: Please show me up. 请领我上楼.2. [口语]出席,露面:例句: Everyone showed up except Jack.除了杰克以外所有的人都来了.3. (使)醒目,显眼,突出:例句: The fingertips on the glass show up in the sunlight

take out

show up的意思是:揭露;露面,出现;使难堪【读音】英 [ p] 美 [o p]【短语】1、Fashion Show Dress Up 小游戏2、Show somebody up 领某人上楼 ; 跨越3、Please Show Me Up 请领我上楼4、show w up 出席 ; 到达5、

1. (非正式用法) 到场,出现 -to arrive, esp at the place where someone is waiting for you 例句:we had 200 people show up for our meeting.2. 使能看见,出现 - to make it possible to see or notice something that was not clear before 例句The

show up露面;露出;揭露

show to 把什么什么给谁看 show off 炫耀 show around 带领某人参观某地 show up 揭露

show upv.揭露, 露出, 露面

炫耀是show offshow up 多半作“出现,露面”的意思理解.

show up 是出现来、露面的意源思 show around 是带领人2113四处参观时用的5261,通常在中间会加4102宾语或人名.1653 show sb around Why don't you show him around?Please show John around the office.

到场?你邀请的人都到场了吗;p] [释义] 显而易见;p] 美[ [例句]Did everyone you invited show up; 羞辱; (使) 看得见;o u show up 英[

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