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stAy up For后加什么

1. I'll be late home, but please don't stay up for me. 我将晚回, 但请不要为了等我而不睡觉.2. She promised the children they could stay up for their favourite TV programme. 她答应孩子们可以晚点儿睡,看他们最喜爱的电视节目.3. I would rather stay up for a whole night to finish this. 我宁可一夜不睡,也要把这件事做完.

stay后面应该加介词on实例:stay on one side of the street 呆在街的一边stay on the other side of the street 呆在街的另一边

1.stay up 2.stay at3.stay in4.stay for5.stay of

stay up 后面一定只能是doing He stayed up studying last night.

stay up 熬夜,不睡觉.后面加什么形式取决于你要表达的意思,如 you shouldn't stay up to finish the work. 你不应该为了完成工作而去熬夜.这句话表示目的. he stayed up last night,working.这是伴随状语,说明熬夜的同时在做什么事情.

of: 1.表示剥夺,除去 2.of接直接宾语 3.of接间接宾语 4.of表示人物的特性,籍贯,特性或出生等 with: 1.基本的意思是"用" 2.with+宾语+现在分词或短语 3.with+宾语+形容词或短语 4.with+宾语+介词短语 5.with+宾语+副词虚词 to: 一般用在固定搭配上 如:get used to be accustomed to for:1.动词+for +形容词+for 3.for+名词构成的词组 4.动词+副词/名词+for构成的短语 最后两个字 很累

stay up 和stay up late的区别:1、stay up late 熬夜;睡得很晚,用法是sb stay up late to do sth,加 to do.2、stay up 熬夜不睡,用法是stay up doing sth,加 doing.拓展资料 stay up 1、I used to stay up late with my mom and watch movies. 我以

her, him ,them, me ,you.宾格代词.

如 stay for two weeksfor +时间段 (for意为:达,计)

stay 不是介词 是 动词 后面可以加介词at

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