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这个问题很典型!考点里面共有三个易混淆的短语,逐个解析如下 used to do过去常常做某事(现在不做了),强调今昔对比.be /get used to doing 喜欢做某事 be used to do sth被用来做某事,是use sth to do sth 的被动形式.例如 Water can be used to produce electricity.水可以被用来发电.Mary is used to getting up early.玛丽习惯早起.Tom used to get up at six,but now he rises at seven.汤姆过去经常六点起床,但现在他七点起床.

used to do 以前常常做某事(现在未必了)I used to get up at 630 in the used to doing是习惯做某事I'm used to answering stupid questions from Indian customers. 问句:Did you use to doAre/Were you used to doing

你其实想问的是 use sth to do use sth doing 的区别吧?就是to do 和 doing 做宾部的区别嘛 to do有去做某事 还可以表目的 结果 你可以理解用MSN去线上交谈或者为了在线里聊

used to do过去常常做,be used to doing 习惯于做

be used to do某物被用来做什麽.be used to doing表示习惯做某事.

be used to do表示“被用来做某事”.如:Wood is often used to make desks and chairs.木头常常被用来制作桌椅.be used to doing表示“习惯于”某一客观事实或状态,不强调动作,to是介词.如:She is not used to eating Chinese food.她不习惯吃中餐.

【used to do sth】和【be used to do sth】 ①used to do 过去常常(表示现在不再) eg:I used to swim in the lake near my village when I was young.②be used to do 被用于=④be used for sth./doing can be used to make paper.③be

used to do这个短语是初三第二单元的知识点,同时也要讲解你提到的几个知识点.帮助你分析一下.used to do,过去常常做某事,意思是现在不做了,主语常是人,当然也可以是能实施动作的动物等.be used to do是use sth to do sth的被动语态形式.主语常常是物,很少是人.be used to doing,是习惯于做某事的意思,主语也通常是人,但是也可以是能实施动作的动物等.get used to do是错误的,应该是get used to doing sth.相当于be used to doing.

亲,想问的是不是 used to do 和 be used doing 和be used for doing这几个词组呢?1.used to do 翻译为“过去常常做某事”,例如:I used to play ball.过去我常常踢球 used to doing 翻译为“习惯于做某事”,例如:I am used to playing ball after dinner.我习惯于晚饭后踢球 used to do = be used for doing 翻译为“被用来做某事” ,例如:The computer is used to work.= The computer is used for working.

答案是:be used to doing sth 意思是: 习惯做某事 比如: I am used to walking to work every day be used to do sth 是被动语态,意思是:被用来去做某事 比如:Knives are used to cut the paper 刀是用来裁纸的,相当于 be used for doing sth 表示用途;Knives are used for cutting the paper

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