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with 宾语 宾补造句

With the development of society, people seldom have a smile

宾语,对宾语进行补充说明的是宾补,例如:he broke the window which is belong to jim.窗户是宾语,然后用了句子说明这个窗户是jim家的.这个宾补是个句子,也可以用单词.

补充上面的: 一楼的答案应该是 I succeeded in the end with your help. 或者 I am successful in the end with your help. 但是这个句子并不符合你的要求,with后面只有宾语,没有宾补.

一、with复合结构的构成、关系和功能 1. 构成 with复合结构的构成形式是:with + 宾语(由名词或代词充当) + 宾语补足语(由现在分词、过去分词、不定式、形容词、副词或介词短语等充当). 2. 关系 宾语与宾补之间存在逻辑上的主

With the students laughing,i can't hear your words.with the book broken,he borrowedanew one .with the tree high,the little boy couldn't claim the top.with the teacher came in,the class became quiet suddenly.with the bus to come,he run up to it.

With 复合结构与独立结构的句法功能 一、 with 复合结构 先看下面例句: In parts of Asia, you must not sit with your feet pointing at another persons.句中your feet 是介词 with 的宾语,pointing是your feet的补足语,介词宾语your feet与它的补足语


He loves to read book with windows open.其中windows 是宾语 open 做补语.所谓宾补 就是补充宾语没说完的地方,此例中,with winows windows怎样没有交代,因此又添加一个open来说明windows的状态.这种例子有很多.比如:不能蒙头睡觉.You cannot sleep with a quilt on head.

1.The teacher came in with a book put under his arm.老师进来了,胳膊下面夹了一本书.2.I am taking this project with a lot of work to do. 我要接一个项目,有很多我要去做的工作.3.We are walking in the park with some birds singing in the tree.我们在公园散步,小鸟在树梢歌唱.

比如:I like sleeping with the light on/off.我喜欢开着/关着灯睡觉. | | | | | 网站首页 | 网站地图
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