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word 名词消息, 词, 诺言, 话, 命令, 字 1. I'm going to take your word for it. 我会相信你说的话的. 2. You have my word . 我会来的. 3. I want to have a word with you. 我想和你谈谈. 4. In my word,you are very important. 在我的世界,

have words with sb与某人吵架have a word with 与某人说话at a word简而言之in other words换句话说 keep one's word遵守诺言

have a word with 英 [hv w:d wi] 美 [hv e wd w] [释义]和…简单谈谈; [网络]与谈话; 与略谈; [例句]I don't want you to build your hopes up, but I'll have a word with Fred tomorrow. 我不想让你抱很大希望,但我明天会和弗雷德说一声的.

Be careful with sth 当心,注意某事;小心处理某事.其后接名词,动名词和名词性词组.例如,be careful with the wet paint 小心油漆未干 be careful + with 是一个介词词组,介词后接什么,大家就很清楚了.从语法上讲,除了to既可以作介词,又在不定式后作连词时可以接动词原形,介词词组后都是接名词性质的词或词组.希望可以帮到你.

in 加一段时间,或者表示使用某种语言,文字 Please write that article in English.with 表示使用某个具体的工具,手段 We see with our eyes and walk with our feet.

have words with sb. 是习惯用语,意为与某人吵嘴 例如:Kirk never has words with his neighbours. Inflamed by sb's words 被某人的话惹得怒火中烧

一个.be good with 英[bi: ud wi] 美[bi d w] [词典] 擅长; [例句]I can be good with kids and help them with English and sports.我能和小孩子相处愉快并帮助他们学习英语和体育.

Mr. Wang came into the classroom with the book under his arm. 王老师手臂下夹着一些书走进教室.with后加短语或名字在句中一般做伴随状语;的意思,通常置于句末.例如,意思是随着这些话.例如He left the classroom with these wordswith these words是表示伴随,是个很典型的伴随状语,绝对不是"通过&quot

建议你去查一下《牛津英语高阶词典》 在中学的范围内 word的意思主要是“单词, 不知道我可否与你的兄弟聊一下? have words with sb 意思为“和某人吵架” It's the


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