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Cheer up. the worst hasn't happened yet .别灰心,最坏的事还未发生.I am yet to learn the truth .我还不知道真相呢(带怀疑对方的口气).Yet rome was content to feast and exact .然而罗马满足于宴会、勒索.The guilty virus has yet to be

I haven't been to Beijing yet Yet用在一般完成时的 否定式和 疑问句中 放在句子末尾

i haven't been to beijing yetyet用在一般完成时的 否定式和 疑问句中放在句子末尾

. He sold the car, yet he can't help regretting it. (yet 表转折,相当於but) I have failed, yet I shall try again. 我失败了,但我还要尝试. It is very good, yet ( 或 but) it can be better. 这很好,但还能精益求精. 2. It is strange, and yet it is true. ( =It is strange yet ( 或 but) true.) 真奇怪,却是真的.

[美] [jt][英] [jet]adv. 但是; 还; 已经; 又,再conj. 然而,但是【网络释义】还; 吗; 仍然; 仍

You've already had lunch 你已经吃过饭了 I haven't finished my homework yet 我还没有做完家庭作业

I haven't finished work yet for I am surfing on the net, nor had the supper, so I want to go back or have a rest

You dinner sounds good but I have not had dinner yet.我还没有吃晚饭.

Have you finished your homework yet? No,l haven't./ Yes ,i have.Has Linda gone to the supermarket yet? No,she hasn't.Have you gone to the teachers' office?(回答同上)Has Shanghai become a developed city yet?yes,it hasHave Mr.Black flew to America for a meeting?No,he hasn't.Because the plane had something worng

yetyet的音标和读音:DJ音标发音: [] KK音标发音: []yet的词性:adv.(副词)1. At this time; for the present:现在;目前:用法与例句:isn't ready yet.现在还没准备好2. Up to a specified time; thus far:迄今:直至一特定时间;至今:用法与例 | | | | | 网站首页 | 网站地图
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